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Reiki Kids

Introduces students to concepts of the Energy Body, Life Force Energy, Mindfulness, and Intention. This program engages students through a multimedia and multi-sensory approach. The program is composed of 3 courses (Reiki Kids 1, Reiki Kids 2, and Reiki Kids 3).

Children in the Garden

Grow Together

Introduces students to concepts of Environmental Engagement through Technology, Horticulture, and Nutrition. We engage students through counter-top gardening, hydroponic technology, and Health and Nutrition. 

School Kids Meditating


Introduces students to alternative approaches to stress and anxiety management. The program shares information and tools to help students increase the frequency of positive thought-forms, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote self-awareness, and self-care practices. 

Vegetable Picking

Seeds Of Light

​We are in the early planning stages of developing a community healing garden.


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