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Dear Friends,

An Inner Light is a 501c3 non-profit organization in its seed stage. Our mission is to develop parent involved educational courses and materials for children grades k-12 that focus on holistic concepts, including but not limited to; Reiki, Meditation, Intuition, and Intention. We seek to make a positive social impact by helping children and families keep, nurture, and remember the inner light of their whole selves.

Our first program for Reiki Kids.

Reiki Kids introduces students k-12 to concepts of the Energy Body, Life Force Energy, Mindfulness, and Intention. This program 
engages students through a multimedia and multi-sensory approach. The program is composed of 3 courses (Reiki Kids 1, Reiki Kids 2, and Reiki Kids 3). Each course is delivered in 3, 2-hour sessions typically spread over a 3-week period.

About Student Sponsorship Donations


Student Sponsorship allows us to offer our programs at reduced or no cost to students and parents. This allows more kids to access and benefit from our programs. Tuition costs $100/student/course and covers Course Learning Kit (50%), Instructor Fee (25%), Program administration (25%).

Reiki Kids Level 1 - Course Learning Kit Includes:

Reiki Kids Workbook

12 count box Colored Pencils

Reiki Kids T-shirt

Chakra Stone set  ( 7 polished gemstones )

Seedling grow Kit



Please help us sow seeds of light across the planet with a Student Sponsorshop


Or donation any dollar amount you would like to be applied to partial, full, or multiple sponsorships.

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Donate As Little As $1

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