An Inner Light is a 501c3 non-profit organization in its seed stage. Our mission is to develop parent involved k-12 educational courses and materials that focus on holistic concepts, including but not limited to; Reiki, Meditation, Intuition, and Intention. We seek to make a positive social impact by helping children and families keep, nurture, and remember the inner light of their whole selves. 


School Kids Meditating

Our programs create learning and experiences that help children develop their spirits, intuition and a positive sense of self.

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Holistic & Spiritual

Wellness For Kids


Holistic healing is to consider a person as a whole - body, mind, and spirit. Our well being, and general health depend not only on the physical, but also our metaphysical, i.e. mental, and spiritual bodies.


The Mind is where we generate thoughts, beliefs, desires, values, goals and opinions.  It is where we perceive and process tactile, intellectual, energetic and even psychic information. Given all of this, our mind is the gateway to our bodies energetic, chemical, and other physiological processes. 


The Body is the physical representation of our experience in this lifetime and it is through it that our spirituality, emotions and thoughts flow. Therefore the physical body, is a good indicator of how things are going in all areas of self.


Our spirit is that which connects us to divine energy.  This aspect of ourselves is not about religion or cultural beliefs, rather it is about our oneness, the fact that we are all connected.

Reiki Kids

Reiki Kids is a parent involved Reiki training program for kids ages 6 to 16. The curriculum is split into 3 levels Reiki I, II, & III. Each level is subdivided into 3, 2-hour classes that take place over 3 consecutive weeks. The course introduces students and parents to concepts of how our bodies naturally channel in and use energy, intention-based use of this life energy, as well as practical application and uses. This class also creates a foundation for mindfulness and emotional intelligence, as well as reinforces understanding our connection to our environment and to each other.


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